Are HEPA Air Purifier Filters Washable and Reusable?

As time passes, game-changing features arrive and enrich our experience by delivering better quality products. If you want proof of how far technological advancements in all fields have come, just take a glimpse at the world of air purification systems. Nowadays, a considerable part of these devices utilize washable and reusable filters which not only make maintenance work a lot more convenient but help you save a lot of money in the long run as well. Seeing how the preferred type of filtration media at the moment are HEPA filters, one question arises – are HEPA air cleaning system filters washable and reusable or not? Find out the answer to this question and a lot more by reading this article.

What makes a filter qualify for the HEPA title?

With all the attention directed towards HEPA filtration media, it is no wonder that sales have massively grown when it comes to air purifiers which utilize HEPA filters. The reason why there is such a massive following for HEPA is that for a filtration media to receive this title, it must stand up to quite demanding standards. Here are the traits a filter must feature to be worthy of the HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air title:

Do washable and reusable HEPA filters exist?

As a matter of fact, there are quite a lot of HEPA filtration media which claim to be washable and reusable. Unfortunately, not in all cases the news is good as some air purifiers have had performance issues after the cleaning of the filtration media. What happened was that the texture and construction of the filter started crumbling after a while, meaning that it eventually required replacement. However, even if this is an occurring issue, you will end up winning instead of losing as a replacement is in fact required a lot less often, so you are basically still saving up money. If you do not want to take any chances, what we recommend is for you to check out as many air purifier reviews as you can, compare them from all points of view, and choose only top tier products as they are more reliable and unlikely to feature washable and reusable HEPA filter media which might be of a poor quality.

Why going for HEPA filtration is the smart decision

With so many types of filtration media featured by air purification systems, it can get quite confusing to have a preferred option as all of them promise great results in terms of airborne pollution clearance. But, as aforementioned, filters which receive the HEPA title are superior in the sense that they deliver a higher quality performance. If you want a more detail overview of the reasons why you should opt for HEPA filtration, check out the following lines:

    • Reason #1 – Higher airborne pollutant removal rate

First of all, for a filtration media to qualify for the HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air title, it must accomplish a filtration efficiency rate of at least 99.97 percent. This means that under 0.03% of airborne pollutants might escape its operation, leaving behind air you can breathe without worrying about your asthma or allergy related issues. Furthermore, when combined with UV light technology or an activated carbon filter, the HEPA filtration media helps the air purifier reach perfection in terms of air cleaning.

    • Reason #2 – Significantly reduced indoor odors

Although it is still wise to look into a purification system which features an activated carbon filter if you have nasty issues with unpleasant odors indoors, you can still confidently rely on HEPA to do an honorable job on its own. As the filter removes a massive amount of airborne pollutants, it inevitably clears the air of the odor’s source. Thus, your home will become a lot more pleasant to live in after making this addition.

    • Reason #3 – Good riddance to allergies

Those who suffer from allergies are very sensitive when it comes to the quality of the air they breathe, thus being dependent on an air purification device to ensure that the air they breathe when they are at home or at the office does not trigger this health issue. With a system that features a washable HEPA filter, you can rest assured knowing that your allergies are unlikely to act up anymore as almost 100% of all pollutants in the air are removed. You will enjoy a healthier you, and live happier and longer as a result!

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