Are Robotic Lawn Mowers Any Good?

Robotic lawn mowers are newcomers on the lawn mower market. The fact that they are so new makes a lot of people skeptical about investing in them because they believe that there is a lot more work left to do on the capabilities and features of these robotic devices. Also, the exorbitant price tag that they boast doesn’t encourage people to buy them either. But to make the right decision regarding whether you should buy a robotic lawn mower or not, it’s best to inform yourself of the quality of the models on the market first. Therefore, if you want to find out if robotic lawn mowers are any good, read the following lines.

Robotic lawn mowers save you a lot of time

If free time has become a luxury for you, it’s clear that you could use a robotic lawn mower. If you were to buy one, you would be able to cross mowing the lawn off of your chore list. Keeping in mind how much time is spent every week on this chore, you’ll be saving a lot of time by owning this robotic device. It might take the robot more time to mow the lawn than it would take you to mow the lawn with a classic lawn mower, but it’s worth it. After all, the time that you would have spent on this chore is better spent with your loved ones.

These devices protect you from back pain

Mowing the lawn with a walk-behind lawn mower can take a toll on your back, making the unbearable back pain appear. On the other side, if you invest in a robotic lawn mower, you won’t have to face this pain ever again because you won’t actually mow the lawn. The robotic lawn mower handles this task on its own, which means that you can relax and have fun while the lawn is taken care of.

Robotic lawn mowers follow a random path

Unfortunately, robotic lawn mowers don’t follow a certain path when they operate. This means that they won’t produce the pleasing parallel lines that you would be able to make with other types of lawn mowers. Therefore, if you’re a perfectionist who wants to have a magazine cover worthy lawn, the robotic lawn mower might not be the best choice for you.


All in all, it’s worth it to invest in a robotic lawn mower if you care for your back and if you want to have more free time on your hands. Robotic lawn mowers are more than capable of doing a perfect job at mowing the lawn. Of course, we have already mentioned that they aren’t able to do the parallel lines that some want on their lawns, but this isn’t such a big deal for most people. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your summer having fun instead of mowing the lawn, invest in a robotic lawn mower.

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