Best Massage Chairs for Home Use

Imagine coming home from work and enjoying a soothing massage that will get rid of all your stress and tension. If hiring a masseur is not one of your future plans but you still want to get the benefits of a relaxing massage, try a massage chair that you can use in the intimacy of your home. Check out these top massage chair models packed with the best features.

Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Massage Chair

A top choice for home use is this massage chair that comes with body scan to detect your tension points and offers you 6 great auto programs that help you relax, relieve pain, eliminate fatigue, and heal many health problems. The massage starts at your head area and includes your shoulders, arms, back, waist, buttocks, and even the calves. Another feature worth mentioning is the Jade heat therapy that applies heat to your body to relax the muscles and relieve pain.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

This is a great choice for home use because it packs many useful features into a quality chair made of a durable and stylish leather. It covers your entire body from head to toe as you cradle in the spacious massage area. The proprietary Inada Dreamwave technology offers a gentle massage with 8 motions that mimic a massage therapist. It comes with a shiatsu therapy option to offer you pain relief and you can choose from other 8 pre-programmed massage techniques that adapt to any of your needs.

New Full Body EC-69 Shiatsu Massage Chair

Whether you need a full body massage or you need an intense tapping on one particular area that hurts, this massage chair can meet all your needs. It uses power rollers to relax your tensed muscles and can even heal some diseases that affect your mobility. The therapeutic movements of this massage will alleviate pain in your muscles and will eliminate fat deposits in your body.

Panasonic Urban Collection Massage Chair

This massage chair will become your personal chiropractor thanks to the Chiro Mode it comes with that removes pain and stiffness from your muscles. Besides the Chiro Mode, it comes with another 3 massage programs named Swedish, Shiatsu, and Quick that deliver the most relaxing massage you could dream of. The 8 manual massage options combine movements of various styles and intensities that adapt to your needs.

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