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Space is always a problem for us because no matter how much space we might have at home, it seems that plenty of things still remain unpacked because we just can’t find a suitable place for them. Not mentioning that in winter season we start re-organizing a lot of tools and items that have been stashed through different corners of the house.
The presence of a new family member might raise problems when you are dealing with little space at home. This is another issue that can put you in a lot of trouble. It’s not like we could simply get rid of things or persons to solve the space problems. Creating home extensions or converting existing rooms involve some costs, but they can vary depending on your requirements and design preferences.
Here are some ideas you can find useful when dealing with such an issue.

Converting the garage

Make sure you use proper materials

No matter if you want to stack things in there, park your car or even consider to move there, make sure you use the right materials in order to maintain a good condition of the building on long-term.
It is recommended to use waterproof materials for flooring, and water resistant wall paint. Its structure must remain intact no matter the weather conditions. The air inside must be breathable and clean, and a constant temperature that can preserve all your items in a good shape.

Keep it safe

Whether the garage is attached to the rest of your house or it is a separate construction, you definitely don’t want intruders inside. Make sure you install a strong and secure door and keep its remote in a safe place. You can even choose one that has wireless features and can be controlled by your phone. A door made out of steel can provide full protection against burglary or bad weather conditions. Most of the people choose to protect their doors using a garage door opener, which is a motorized system that can open and close the garage’s door. Most of them have switches and can be controlled from a certain distance by the owner, by sending a specific command to the system’s electric motor.  GarageDoorOpener.best system was used in the past for commercial use but lately has become very common for residential places.

Converting the attic

If your house has an attic with quite reasonable dimensions, you can think about using that space by transforming it into a habitable area. Firstly, you need to make sure that the roof meets the necessary height, almost 2.5 meters in almost 60% of the entire attic area. And don’t forget that you first need a stairway to get there. If there is already a way to walk up there in a comfortable manner, it is even better. In lack of any possibility of getting up there, you might consider cutting a hole in order to install a pull-down ladder.
You need to know from the beginning what is the purpose of the area conversion because if you mess with the roofline, you might need to check first your area’s building regulations.

Professional assistance

Don’t hurry things up, the process takes time and must be done in a well-organized manner. Ask for a professional opinion regarding the total bearing capacity of the area. This may totally change your plans if the room doesn’t support enough weight.

Create a habitable area

After putting all these things together, you can start calculating all the costs involved in the transformation process. Let’s have a look at the basic things you need to have in mind before getting to work.

  • insulation;
  • appropriate waterproof flooring;
  • waterproof wall paint;
  • ventilation;
  • lighting system and power points;

Converting the basement

People choose to use the area of their basement for a lot of purposes. For example, if you clean up the basement and create a healthy environment, you can even move there. Some people choose to transform their basements into“fun rooms” where they bring pool tables, video games or simply relax. Installing a couch, a table and a couple of shelves with good old books is ideal for studying. Many activities that can’t be done in any of the rooms, you can do in the basement, but first, you need to take care of a few things that are extremely important.

Healthy environment

Before adding furniture or moving things in or out, you must create the necessary conditions to make it a healthy place. Inspect the place for mold, insects or rats, and in case of dealing with this kind of issues, call a professional team to solve the problem.

  • check the place carefully for cracks or holes and do the required reparations;
  • clean the air and provide a ventilation system;
  • install a lighting system and a power point;
  • use waterproof materials for the floor and walls;
  • a heating system is needed, something small and flexible;
  • make sure the staircase leading to the basement is safe and secure

What is the purpose of the new room

You don’t need to plan from the very first moment what is the purpose of the basement. It’s important in the beginning to deal with creating healthy conditions in order to spend time down there.
You can use that space in a lot of interesting ways, such as:

  • gaming room;
  • guest room;
  • studying room;
  • small kitchen;
  • rental space;
  • food and beverages storage;
  • sports equipment and tools storage
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