How to Build a Successful Career with Real Estate Coaching

Are you tired of working for somebody else? Are you looking for a career change, something that can bring you both personal and financial satisfaction? If so, you might want to consider a career in real estate. However, keep in mind that this career path is full of challenges. Many people choose this path because they are attracted by the financial rewards and the flexible work schedule, but they are unaware of the obstacles that lie ahead of them. While a real estate career does not require a formal education, it does require a lot of knowledge and skills. To avoid making classic mistakes that waste time and money, we advise you to consider a real estate coaching class.

1. Why do you need coaching?

Most people who choose a career in sales, have a natural gift for working with people. This type of jobs don’t usually require a formal education or a specific experience. However, this doesn’t mean that all people with an affinity for sales will succeed in this business. In fact, over 80% of real estate agents fail and abandon this path within the first five years. This usually happens because new agents try to reinvent the wheel, instead of trying to learn from people who are already successful in this industry. Yes, things change very fast in today’s fast paced world, especially when it comes to advertising or lead generation. However, little has changed in the way that people interact with each other, and this is where the magic happens. You can approach 50 people per week and close only one deal, or you can approach only five people and close five deals.

2. What does coaching teach you?

There are many good companies that offer real estate coaching. The trick is to find coaches that can adapt their courses to different career levels, and to the specific needs of each agent. Based on our experience, the company with the most flexible coaching approach is Tom Ferry International. They offer different programs that approach different real estate challenges. First of all, they have Core programs for beginner agents. Here you learn the basics of this business: how to improve your sales confidence, how to write scripts that convert, how to manage your time and deal with work consistency and much more. If you are a little more experienced and you want to take your game to the next level, you can choose the Team program that teaches you how to put together a high performance team that can work even without your constant support and guidance. Finally, for those who already manage their own teams and are heading towards the peaks of their careers, you have the Elite program that teaches you how to use the latest tools and gadgets in order to maximize every second of your time.

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