How to Find the Perfect Gas Grill for Your Needs

If you are lucky enough to have the necessary space to design an outdoor kitchen, you must definitely buy a gas grill because it’s the best option for outdoor cooking. Given the numerous models and types available on the market, finding the best gas grill for your needs might be hard, unless you know what exactly to look for. Our gas grill buying guide will get you out of doubts and will make sure your choice will be the best one.

Determine the design that best suits you

When you choose a gas grill, the design is the first detail that comes to your attention and deciding on the design is based on the d├ęcor of the outdoor kitchen where you will install the grill. Usually, gas grills are made of stainless steel because it’s durable and weatherproof, two aspects that matter given that your gas grill will stay outdoors. However, you can also find gas grills coated in black, gray, or brown paint, in case you need to match the gas grill to the rest of the kitchen equipment.

Decide what size you need

There are many gas grill sizes to choose from and the difference is in the main cooking area and in the secondary cooking area, as you are about to see. Gas grills can have one, two, three, four, or even five burners placed along the grates that create the main cooking area where you will prepare your food. The secondary area includes one or two side burners, a warming area, and a rotisserie kit that enables you to prepare rotisserie turkey or chicken. The burners create a heat intensity measured in BTU so you need to see how many BTU your gas grill creates to see if it is powerful enough to cook any type of meat.

Propane or natural gas?

Gas grills are powered with natural gas coming from a household source or with propane gas in tanks that you need to refill and replace from time to time. Some homes are connected to the natural gas line but others aren’t so, the propane gas grill is the right choice. In other cases, you might discover that the natural gas line is not near the outdoor kitchen so you can’t connect the gas grill to the line and the best choice remains the propane grill. Either way, you need to decide on the fuel type before making a purchase.

Look for additional features

Once you have decided on the previous aspects, you must see whether or not you need a gas grill with additional features. Lights inside the cooking area that will help you cook at night or in poor light, a thermometer to keep the heat constant, or grease pans to collect the juice from the meat are only some of the features you can opt for in a gas grill.

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