How to Properly Use a Radar Detector

Radar detectors are instruments that are designed to detect the radar speed guns used by the police officers. All drivers want to avoid speeding tickets and this particular equipment is very efficient when coming to do this job. Nevertheless, there are some things that you have to know in order to use a radar detector properly, so read the article below.

Install the Radar Detector Properly

In general, radar detectors come with installation instructions and most manufacturers recommend to mount it in the middle of the windshield. However, this will make the equipment to miss the correct alerts, so you may consider mounting it lower on the windshield. This will get the device out of police officers sight and will increase its ability to receive the right alerts.

Learn More About Signal and Alerts

Most drivers ignore the weak signals and consider that it’s a false alert, but they end up by being pulled over by the police officers. Therefore, learn more about the signals and alerts of your radar detector and stay alerted all the time. It’s possible that the police officer uses an instant-on radar gun which means that he can clock the speed of the radar speed gun very quickly. So be careful and don’t ignore low signals.

Use the Correct Mode of the Radar Detector

Whenever the device is set in the wrong mode, it will give false alerts and it will eventually annoy the driver and the passengers. This is why you should choose the right mode before you start driving so that the device can work to its full capacity. Therefore, choose between the city mode or the highway mode in order to lower or increase the sensitivity of the radar detector.

Place the Radar Detector in the Shade

Just like any other equipment, radar detectors can be easily damaged by hot temperatures. Usually, the interior of a vehicle can reach very high temperatures, so if you want to extend the life of your radar detector, you should take care of it. Therefore, the wise thing to do is to place it in the shadow whenever you don’t use it, such as in a box or underneath a seat and you should also try to park in the shade during the summer months.

Avoid to Adjust the Equipment While Driving

It’s highly recommended to avoid adjusting the radar detector while driving because it may lead to unwanted accidents. Just like the cell phones or other devices, the radar detectors require attention when they are used, so it’s wiser to avoid multitasking when you’re driving. Try instead to adjust the detector before starting to drive the vehicle, so you can be vigilant on the road.

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