Pros and Cons of Inflatable Hot Tubs

The inflatable hot tubs are perfect for everyone who wants to relax and enjoy a moment for themselves. Besides the fact that they are a great alternative of enhancing the daily activities, they also give you the feeling that you are in a real spa. Of course, there are many opinions related to this type of hot tub, so if you are considering buying one, then you have to know which are the pros and cons of an inflatable hot tub.

The Pros:

They Help You Save Money

The inflatable hot tubs are very cheap when compared to in-ground spas or other types of hot tubs, so this is a big advantage. A good inflatable hot tub can be purchased starting from $600, meaning that it’s affordable for almost everyone.

They Can Be Moved in Different Locations

Due to the fact that they can be inflated, these hot tubs give you the possibility to move them in different locations. Therefore, you can place your inflatable hot tub outdoors to enjoy the sun during the summer days or you can bring it indoors when the weather gets colder. In this manner, you will be able to enjoy it for the entire year.

They Don’t Need More Than 120 Volt Power Outlet

In comparison to the permanent hot tubs, the inflatable ones will only need a regular 120- volt power outlet, thus the operating costs are much lower in comparison to the other hot tubs.

They Can be Easily Shut Down

This is great for those who don’t want to use the inflatable hot tub all the year. Therefore, it can be easily shut down without having to worry about the maintenance or the costs.

The Cons:

They Take Longer To Heat

Because the inflatable hot tubs have electric or gas heaters, they need more time to heat. In general, the water temperature increases 2 or 3 degrees in one hour, so you have to heat the tub wait fore more time if you intend to use it.

They Cool Down Very Fast

The blower system usually fails to keep the water temperature where you set it, so the tub cools down much faster than a regular hot tub. Moreover, the materials used to make it lose heat much faster than other materials so you will be able to enjoy the hot water for maximum half an hour.

They Are Made of Vulnerable Material

The inflatable hot tubs are made of vinyl, plastic or nylon, which are not the strongest materials. As a result, they can be easily damaged by sharp objects, stones, and so on and once the tub is perforated it’s very hard to restore it.

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