Top 3 Best Value Infrared Saunas

What can be more pleasant than having an enjoyable sauna session? A lot of people are using sauna sessions due to their health benefits. Moreover, you will find on the market different types of sauna, so you can choose from a traditional sauna to an infrared one. However, if you have any doubt on using an infrared sauna, in the following lines you will find a top 3 best values infrared sauna, which can help you take a decision.


One of the most important characteristics of an infrared sauna is the temperature. Infrared saunas use light to create heat and the temperature environment is about 120 to 150 degrees F. Moreover, the heat of these units travels much deeper into the body, because its purpose is to heat your body directly without warming the air around you. This way, the sauna can be accessible to anybody, even to people who don’t tolerate the heat of a traditional sauna, because its temperature is not so high and everybody will be able to sweat even at a lower temperature.

Power needs

Before you go shopping, you must know that an infrared sauna needs just 1,6 kw which doesn’t make it too expensive. On the other hand, you need to consider the size your infrared sauna. A sauna for 4 people, will surely need more power and will be more expensive than an infrared sauna for 2 people. Anyway, these small rooms which provide us with health benefits are quite energy efficient.


Whether you have your first sauna session or you want to install your own sauna, you should know that infrared sauna may heat directly your body, but they will also heat the surrounding air to a lower level. Moreover, the infrared saunas are using some special infrared heaters which are emitting a wavelength of infrared light. This wavelength is absorbed by your skin and your body’s temperature starts to rise. Nowadays, the infrared saunas are used especially as treatments of chronic health problems such as congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, and rheumatoid arthritis. Actually, most people are opting for this type of sauna because no adverse effects have been reported until now.

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