What Makes a Quality Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are great for reducing the level of air humidity that can encourage the development of mold spores and mildew. Their high functionality makes them some of the most useful home appliances that can protect the aspect and durability of a home as well as the health of the inhabitants. However, for a dehumidifier to be efficient, it needs to be a quality model and for that, it needs to include some features and aspects.

The brand

As in many other devices, the brand of the dehumidifier often influences its quality, efficiency, and durability. A good brand uses the best materials and the most advanced technologies to design good units that will yield as expected. Of course, the price will be a little higher, but a reliable manufacturer will also offer a large warranty and a great customer service that will help you save money in the long run. A great example is the brand Frigidaire that offers reliable models like FFAD7033R1 that can be seen at Bestdehumidifier.reviews and is one of the most popular on the market. Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 has excellent ratings and provides a great price-quality ratio, being a unit worth your attention.

The energy rating

Most of the nowadays appliances are designed based on an Energy Star rating that determines how energy-saving the unit is. Unless you want to buy a model that will blow up your electricity bill, you should choose a unit with a good energy rating that makes it a smart addition to your home. The dehumidifiers designed by top brands have a good Energy Star rating due to a bunch of features that save on energy.

The controls

A quality dehumidifier has user-friendly controls that make it easy to use even if it’s the first time you have one at home. You will clearly see the selections, the buttons will work as they should, and there will be a clear difference in the details of the controls. A quality dehumidifier comes with alert lights for every button and even LCD screens that make operating the dehumidifier a breeze.

The ease of handling

You will have to empty the container that holds the water removed from the air and if you will have to struggle to take the container out, you will not be pleased with your dehumidifier. A good unit is easy to handle and has smooth clamps that easily release the hoses and the water containers. Drain hoses that allow the dehumidifier to empty itself are a great convenience feature.

Features that matter

To make sure you choose a quality dehumidifier, you must look at the features it comes with. First of all, it must allow you to set the desired air humidity and for that, it needs to have a built-in thermostat. After it works enough to reach the desired level of humidity, the dehumidifier should automatically shut down to prevent energy waste and potential accidents. Also, the unit should feature an auto restart that will turn it on as soon as the humidity level starts to increase. A programmable timer comes in handy if you want the unit to work withing a schedule.

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