Which Type of Room Fan is More Efficient?

We all wait impatiently for summer to come and for us to be able to use the pool. But a major downside to this season is that the heat makes it unbearable to sit inside your home without the use of a room fan. Unfortunately, room fans consume electricity to run, some more than others. Of course, no one wants to spend large amounts of money on the bills. Therefore, if you want to find out which type of room fan is more efficient in order to save money while staying cool, read the following lines.

How the ceiling fan can efficiently cool the room

It might surprise you, but there is a way in which you can use the ceiling fan to cool the room that it’s placed in. This method is incredibly simple, all that you have to do being to adjust its direction counterclockwise. By doing this, the hot air in the room will be kept on the upper side of the room, and the ceiling fan will blow the cool air down. This is a very efficient method to use, especially considering that tower fans consume little energy to run.

Tower fans and Energy Star labels

In the category of pedestal or table fans, tower fans stand out from the rest when it comes to efficiency. First of all, what makes these models more efficient is their design. Their impressive vertical length enables them to cool the room fast. Also, most of them feature oscillating capabilities, these models spreading the cool air evenly throughout the room. Definitely, the best way to tell if a tower fan is efficient or not is by looking for the Energy Star certification. If a certain model has been labeled by Energy Star, it means that it offers great performance while remaining energy efficient.


It’s hard to establish which is more efficient, the tower fan, or the ceiling fan. Both of them consume very little energy in order to cool the room that they’re placed in. Therefore, they’re both great choices to go with. Of course, if you already have a ceiling fan, it’s pointless to invest in a tower fan. But if you don’t already have a ceiling fan, go with a tower fan because it’s portable, allowing you to move it around as you like.

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