Whole House Water Filter Buying Guide

A water filter can improve the taste of your tap water and protect you from harmful contaminants. Most householders choose to buy these filters because they become easy to install and convenient to maintain. If you want to find out more about whole house water filter buying guide, you just have to read the following lines.

The POE and POU systems

If you are thinking about installing a water filter in your whole house, you must learn more about POE and POU systems, because these two types of water filters are available at this moment for house use. The POE systems can treat the water which will enter into your home and connects to the pressurized storage tank. On the other hand, the other system, know as POU, has the ability to treat water just at the point where it is consumed, such as a sink or a shower head. Moreover, POE filters can be installed inline or can even be attached externally. However, those filters which already are installed inline can filter all the water which is passing through a pipe. Nowadays , these types of filters are very popular and can be found in many different formats. For example, POU filters include refrigerator filters, pitcher filters and personal bottled water with special built-in filters. They can be installed under the sink, the countertop or to a facet. Moreover, you can find some smaller carafe-style pitcher filters which are perfect for couples or for those single people since they only filter a small amount of drinking water at a time. However, when you start shopping, make sure you buy a water filter which suits you best.

Analyze the contaminants

It’s very important to find out what is contaminating your water. By targeting the contaminants you will know what type of filtering system you should buy. Moreover, the water companies have the duty to provide everybody with a consumer confidence report (CCR) every year. This report analyzes the water quality in every area. On the other hand, if you want to test the water by yourself, you should call the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which may offer low-cost or free test kits. By making this test you can find out that you don’t need a water filter because the water contains no contaminants. Moreover, you will know which type of bacteria your water has.

Evaluate your needs

If you are thinking about installing a water filter, you should know that it is very important to evaluate your needs. For example, if your family is drinking several gallons of water a day, you should install more than one water filter. On the other hand, for a small family or for a couple, one filter can satisfy your needs. If the contaminants in the water are too toxic, it’s recommended to buy a POE filter. It will clean all bacteria which are coming into your house water. However, if you just want to filter your water house, you can install a POU filter.

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